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Map of Antarctica

Antarctica is a country introduced in Champion when Anden and June traveled there for assistance in the war.


Antarctica, the largest desert in the world, was fully composed of ice and harbored many life forms such as penguins. No country had made any claims to the land.

In Legend, a global catastrophe led to the rapid melting of Antarctica's ice, factoring to the widespread flooding that decimated many countries. Similar to Africa, the refugee crisis led to the colonization of Antarctica by many immigrants, leading to a large flow of intellectuals coming into the nation. This has contributed to Antarctica's rise into a global superpower.

Economy and Society

Antarctica is shown to be a technologically powerful nation. It has built climate control domes over their cities to allow its citizens to go outside without freezing to death. The dome simulates different climates. Its capital, Ross City is a very advanced in technology with things like magnetically controlled landing docks, and virtual internet searches. Citizens are implanted with computer chips that allow them to see holographic images around themselves. The chip also acts as a universal translator for all languages so visitors can communicate easily.  

Society in Antarctica is known to be very stable and safe, due to life in the country being treated like a video game. Citizens receive points for engaging in positive activities such as watering plants or completing problems in school. Engaging in activities that are seen as negative results in points being deducted. An individual's position in Antarctica's societal ladder is decided by how many points that person has.

Although the system itself has fostered a rich and stable nation, it brings up the ethical question of the extent the control the government has on the people's lives.


In Champion, June and Anden go to Antarctica to negotiate with Antarctica's then leader, President Ikari. Antarctica does not consider the Republic to be an ally, nor does it initially seem interested in helping the Republic repel the Colonies' forces. Ikari demands a portion of the Republic's land in exchange for military assistance, which Anden eventually agrees to.

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