China is a country in East Asia in the Legend timeline. Although it is stated that it is a

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China in the Legend timeline.

developed nation, not much of it is mentioned in the books. It borders Mongolia and Russia, and is one of the very few Asian nations that seemed to survive.


China was the world's most advanced country in Asia. It was arguably the regional superpower, being in possession of nuclear weapons and had a permanent seat on the United Nations security council.

After the worldwide floods of 2055, China was devastated by the flooding as it lost large portions of its territory. However, most of China's population survived and is now living in floating metropolises, known as 海城 (Hei Cheng, or Sea City).

Not much is known of this nation, and the state of the country is never mentioned much in the books. In terms of its economy, one of China's export commodities seem to be Tsingtao beer.