Kaede Face
Kaede, drawn by Legend author Marie Lu
General Information
Occupation: Patriot
Fate: Deceased - shot near the end of Prodigy
Physical Information
Gender: Female
Hair: Short black hair
Enemies: The Republic of America (Formerly)

The Colonies of America

Change course and get this one... Split the sky, boys!

Kaede, Prodigy

Kaede is a part of the Patriots and helps Day and June escape The Republic after June pays her a large sum of money to her. Kaede is known to be involved in many 'Skiz' fights. Kaede and June met when Kaede tried fighting with Tess, when June interfered. June and Kaede ended up fighting, and June broke Kaede's arm when Kaede stabbed her. She was killed in Prodigy by a barrage of bullets while crash-landing in Denver trying to get Day and June to the Republic in time to escape the Colonies.


In Legend, Kaede is described as having a short black, bobbed haircut with green eye shadow. She also sports a vine tattoo on her neck that continues onto her back.


Kaede, drawn by Legend author Marie Lu

The name Kaede is Japanese, meaning maple and suggesting that Kaede is of Japanese descent.


Early Life

Kaede grew up along one of the Colonies’ eastern coastlines, where it borders the South Atlantic. She was accepted into an Airship Academy where she became one of the best pilots in training. One of the pilots there was jealous of her and tried to push her over the edge of their airship. During the incident, the subject damaged one of Kaede's eyes. She accidentally killed her attacker when she knocked him out because of this, Kaede was no longer sponsored and she went to the Republic.

Life with Patriots

In Prodigy, Kaede mentions she cares about getting people living normal lives. She joins the Patriots in hopes of accomplishing this. Additionally, Razor pays her and occasionally lets her fly.

After Day was captured, Kaede took care of Tess. Tess later became a medic for the Patriots.


Kaede, Day, and June steal a Colonies jet to go to the Republic and save Anden. After Kaede evades their aerial pursuers and penetrates the Armor, she loses control and crash-lands into the streets of Denver. She is killed by the impact and a barrage of bullets from shocked Republic soldiers.



It is said that Kaede appreciates Tess. She also tells Day that Tess is into him (which he already knew) and she tells him that they would do a good couple. Kaede is also the one that reveals Tess's past to Day.


First in Legend, Kaede meets Day in a bar. After, Day learns that she's part of the Patriots. She also helps June for Day's escaping (in exchange of money). In Prodigy, we can see that Kaede and Day could be friends since that talk together in a friendly way.


“What a joke! Poor little rich girl's fallen in love with the Republic's most famous criminal.” - to June in Legend pg. 266