Life Before Legend is a short book about Day and June's life before the events of Legend.

Day's short story was about his first kiss when he was twelve years old. He sees a sign on the JumboTrons about June getting a perfect score of 1500 on her Trial. Then Day steals some food, and it says he hadn't eaten in two days. A sixteen year old girl named Charlie catches him and will let him go without saying anything if she would work for her dad for three days - and give her a kiss. He kisses her, does the work, and tells her his name is Ed (he likes to keep his name secret). Charlie also said he could work for her dad for longer to get money and food, but he hesitantly declines. In a random time, Republic soldiers come and take away Charlie and her dad's shipment. Charlie tells Day "I bet the Republic hasn’t seen the last of you.” Day then leaves.

June's story was about her first day at Drake when she was also twelve years old. She was the youngest student ever admitted at Drake, a university for students 16 and above. She arrives late at the university because of the traffic created by Day when he bust the wheels of a truck carrying food away.
Life before Legend

Life Before Legend Book Cover