A Sector is basically a district in the Republic of America.

There are some rich sectors like the Ruby Sector, and some poor (or "slum") sectors like the Lake Sector. Some rich sectors are called Gem Sectors. There are also Military Sectors, such as Batalla.

When you get a low grade in your Trial, you generally go to the poor sectors, but if you get a high grade, then you go to the rich sectors.

Known Sectors

  • Lake Sector
  • Alta Sector
  • Batalla Sector
  • Nima Sector
  • Zein Sector
  • Winter Sector
  • Opal Sector (a Gem Sector)
  • Emerald Sector (a Gem Sector)
  • Ruby Sector (a Gem Sector)
  • Blueridge Sector
  • Lodo Sector
  • Tanagashi Sector