The Trials are tests that an individual takes on their 10th birthday. It is based on 1500 points.

If an individual scores between 0 and 999 points (0-67%), they "fail." See the paragraph at the end.

If an individual scores between 1000 and 1249 points (67-83%), they join the poor.

If an individual scores between 1250 and 1449 (83-97%), they continue to high school.

If an individual scores between 1450 and 1499 (97-99.9%), they go to a University.

It is very rare for an individual to score 1500/1500 points (100%). June and Day are two of these rare individuals who got a perfect score.

If one fails, they make the child's parents sign a contract in which they give permission to the Republic to take them. No one knows that the Republic carries out experiments on such children, the rumor being they get sent to "labor camps." After the experiments, what actually happens is they are left to die. You can fail the trials if you are defiant or uncooperative. Even though Day got 1500 marks in his trial, he was experimented on by doctors.