Thomas Bryant
Thomas Face
Thomas Bryant, as he appears in the graphic novel.
General Information
Birth name: Thomas Bryant
Age: 20's
Occupation: Republican officer
Sector: Ruby
Tanagashi (Formally)
Fate: Deceased (shot in the head by soldiers)
Physical Information
Gender: Male
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Romances: Metias Iparis
June Iparis
Significant Other/s: Metias Iparis (best friend, romantic interest)
Enemies: The Colonies of America
Thomas Bryant is explained as a well-mannered and disciplined solider who would never hesitate to follow his superior's orders. He was promoted to Metias's status after he was murdered while pursuing Day. Thomas is later found out to be the alleged murderer of Metias. He explains to June that he was directly ordered to do so by Commander Jameson. Thomas was also the murderer of Day's mother, also ordered by Commander Jameson. He framed Day to lead The Republic to think that he killed Metias.


June Iparis

Throughout Legend and part of Prodigy, it was believed that Thomas was attracted to June. However, it was later discovered that it was Thomas's way to protect her. According to Thomas, when he had stabbed Metias, Metias's last words were for Thomas not to hurt her. Their relationship was friendly until June realized that Thomas killed her brother, leading June to free Day and rebel against the Republic. Their journey continues in the book Prodigy.

Metias Iparis

Thomas and Metias grew up together. Metias had trained Thomas when he became deeply interested in becoming a soldier. Because of the training (and a recommendation from Metias), Thomas was assigned to Commander Jameson's patrol (of which Metias was the captain). After the Republic finds out about Metias committed espionage against the Republic, he was murdered by Thomas. Metias held romantic feelings towards Thomas, perhaps making it easier for him to kill Metias using his romantic attraction. However, during the final book Thomas tells June that he really did mean the kiss, it is still uncertain whether Thomas reciprocated Metias's attraction towards him; unable to upon it due to their Captain and Subordinate positions.


In Champion , Thomas is last seen during the attack on the evacuation center, by Day as he barges into the center in Denver. He is seen to be wielding a weapon which Day believes that would kill both him and Tess, whom he was holding in his arms. Thomas then turns around and begins shooting toward the Colonies' soldiers outside giving Day enough time to escape, while shouting patriotic terms, "Long live the Republic! Long live the Elector!" His head immediately snaps back and he collapses. Day, realizing he was shot in the head, hastens out of the center with Tess and the Patriots.